Verizon, Google, and Net Neutrality

August 11, 2010

On Monday, Google and Verizon unveiled their Legislative Framework Proposal. The proposal outlines what these two key players might deem an acceptable statutory scheme for managing internet traffic. For some, Google’s broken it’s promise to do no evil. It’s the end of the Internet as we know it, according to the Huffington Post. Public Knowledge says, Google sold you out. What’s at stake here? Try searches for net neutrality:

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A great deal of information can be found on your existing blogroll – without a doubt. Still, there are times I want to use boolean. The Blogs on Demand datababase (BLOGSOD) contains text from a variety of widely-read blogs. It’s certainly not a comprehensive list nor are comments viewable but the text is indexed. I can search for author, title, company, date:

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The FCC has been net-neutral. But, their authority to regulate doesn’t extend as far as they thought. The Comcast v. FCC decision referred to in some of this reading is at 600 F.3d 642.

Of course, the late Senator Ted Stevens is credited with bringing net neutrality to Congress’ attention. His proposed bill amending the Communications Act is here: 2005 CONG US S 2686.

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