Obama Signs Education Jobs Fund (H.R. 1586)

August 12, 2010

President Obama signed the Education Jobs Fund bill (H.R. 1586) Tuesday. The bill provides for 26 billion in aid to the states for education aid. To see how your state fared in the election year money grab, click here.

Two interesting items worth noting. First, there is a bit of confusion over Title I. I have provided a snapshot of the official text. Under title one there is a mention of Education Jobs Fund and Education Jobs Funds.

Luckily with Westlaw you automatically search pluralities with the singular version of a word so you are covered no matter what database you are searching for information (news, legislative materials, etc.). Secondly, Congress slapped Governor Rick Perry of Texas around a bit by calling Texas out by name. Texas apparently created a “reserve” with previous stimulous money instead of spending it appropriately. The language in this bill mandates assurances that Texas actually appropriates the money correctly.

Bill: 2009 CONG US HR 1586

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