JV ROUNDUP: Vehicular Negligence in California

May 11, 2017

Recent California motor vehicle accident cases as summarized in Jury Verdicts & Settlements:

*Montes v. State of California
2017 WL 1410999  
Verdict date: April 4, 2017
Amount: $1,368,000
A motor vehicle traveling southbound on Freeway 41 was reportedly rear-ended by a CalFire fire truck and pushed into the vehicle in front. The plaintiffs brought a lawsuit against defendant State of California, alleging the fire truck driver negligently traveled too fast for the road conditions; drove inattentively; and was not in a proper condition to to be operating a fire truck since he had not slept in 30 hours.
*Dixon, Estate of v. Fairmount Tire & Rubber Inc.; Mexi’s Auto Service; Collins; Lopez; A&S Towing
2016 WL 8846680   Settlement date: Dec. 2, 20176   Amount: $3,700,000
A fuel tanker driver died two years after sustaining injuries including a two-an-a-half month coma, burns over 60% of his body, multiple fractures and kidney failure requiring dialysis, when the fuel tanker he was operating during the course and scope of his employment rode over the detached rear axle of a party bus being towed in front of him. The tanker was caused to jackknife, smash through a bridge barrier, dangle 100 feet off an overpass and catch fire.
*A.P. Pro Ami v. Nitto Tire U.S.A., Inc.
2016 WL 8914441   Settlement date: Sept. 16, 2016   Amount: $3,825,000
Two minor motor vehicle passengers suffered serious injuries, including but not limited to traumatic brain injury and temporal skull fractures, after a vehicle traveling in an adjacent lane experienced tread separation of its right passenger-side tire and caused the plaintiffs’ vehicle to experience an accident.

Jean Sica posts on behalf of the Jury Verdicts team and has her colleagues Amy Mohberg, Diana Marcus and Beth Johnson to thank for these summaries.


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