Be Careful Where You Walk

June 30, 2017

These and other interesting cases can be found in Westlaw Jury Verdicts & Settlements.

Koplin v. Spencer

Amy Koplin, a 25-year-old female, reportedly suffered multiple compound, comminuted fractures and a severe crush injury to both feet, with permanent disability, when defendant Ramona Spencer, an agent and/or employee of defendant Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), made a right-hand turn with a CTA bus and drove over Koplin’s feet. The plaintiff, who claimed she proceeded into the intersection on a ‘walk light’, contended the CTA, through Spencer, negligently failed to exercise the degree of care and caution of a reasonable person under similar circumstances, failed to keep an adequate lookout for pedestrians, failed to bring the bus to a stop upon approaching the plaintiff, failed to yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian in a crosswalk and failed to sound the horn. The defendants denied liability. The parties settled for $6 million.

Miari v. Windy City Limousine

Tanya Miari, a 31-year-old female attorney, reportedly suffered a de-gloving injury to her left foot requiring multiple surgeries, including skin grafting and amputation of two toes, when a limousine bus driven by defendant Kenneth Abt, an agent and/or employee of Windy City Limousine Company L.L.C. and JKS Limousines and owned by defendant JKS Limousines, turned right and drove over her foot while she was in a downtown crosswalk. The plaintiff contended Abt negligently failed to keep a proper lookout, failed to yield the right-of-way, drove too fast, failed to keep the vehicle under proper control and failed to stop, slow down or otherwise alter speed, movement or direction when danger of a collision was imminent. She sued Windy City Limousine and JKS Limousines under a theory of vicarious liability. The defendants denied liability. The parties settled for $6.3 million.


Jean Sica posts on behalf of the Jury Verdicts team and has her colleague Amy Mohberg for these summaries.


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