Glenn Beck and Westlaw

September 3, 2010

Glenn Beck may have successfully catapulted himself to front-page news after this past weekend’s “Restoring Honor” rally, but he’s been quietly lurking on Westlaw for years. Westlaw has two Beck-specific databases, each dedicated to his self-titled shows on CNN and Fox. These databases contain transcripts from Mr. Beck’s short-lived show on CNN (CNNGLENNBECK) and much more popular iteration on Fox (FOXGLENNBECK), and offers opinions on world events, politics, popular culture, and everyday life.

Glenn Beck isn’t the only media personality with his own database. Westlaw has databases specific to many popular news shows, including Keith Olbermann (COUNTDOWN), Anderson Cooper (ANDRNCOOP), and Sean Hannity (FOXHANNITY and FOXHANTYCLMES). These are all just a few of the many news databases provided to Westlaw by NewsRoom, and are searchable together in the multibases ALLNEWS and ALLNEWSPLUS.

If you’ve ever looking for a transcript from a particular news show, keep in mind there’s a good chance it’s available on Westlaw. The transcripts can be pulled from these databases just like any other database. For example, if you needed to research any references Glenn Beck has made on his shows to President Obama and liberation theology, you could do a search for “liberation theology” & obama in both CNNGLENNBECK and FOXGLENNBECK.