Fight the Good Fight, Get Free Westlaw

July 20, 2009

Here’s one way to get Free Westlaw, and it’s always worth considering:

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By Kevin Fayle on June 29, 2009 1:14 PM |

When business gets slow, it can be a good idea to take on some pro bono cases in order to keep active and spread the word about your firm. Pro bono work offers attorneys the chance to engage in some professional networking and learn about different areas of the law, all while doing good.

The only problem with pro bono work is that it’s pro bono. Attorneys don’t get paid, and complicated cases can result in a large amount of expenses, which can be hard to deal with when the economy is already slumping.
In order to assist attorneys who are working in their communities to provide access to the law for those who might otherwise lack the means to secure justice for themselves, West announced today the launch of a new program that will give away over $12 million in free Westlaw for pro bono cases. Called Do Justice, the program is a partnership with the Pro Bono Institute.

West’s (and also FindLaw’s) parent company, Thomson Reuters, also supports international pro bono efforts through TrustLaw, a forum for attorneys, NGOs and governments that focus on important areas of international law, such as anti-corruption initiatives.