Drive A Toyota: You Will Never Stop?

August 9, 2010

Recently, Kuoa Fong Lee was released from jail after serving 2 ½ years of an 8 year sentence for criminal vehicular manslaughter. He was driving a 1996 Toyota Camry that, according to Lee, failed to stop even when he was pressing on the brakes.

In light of recent events with Toyota, and after four days of evidence and arguments made by Lee’s attorneys, a Ramsey County judge decided to grant Lee a new trial and then the county attorney decided not to retry the case. It was a dramatic moment.

There are a fair number of materials regarding prosecutorial discretion. Try,

  • Database Criminal Justice Texts and Periodicals: cj-tp
  • Query: ti(prosecut! /4 discretion)

Granting a new trial is one post-conviction remedy available—what others are out there? Find “Postconviction Remedies” at PCREM on Westlaw. This database helps you select the right course of action by distinguishing among the multitude of remedies available, describing them in detail and suggesting solutions for problems that may arise.

A search for “new trial” in PCREM returns 56 documents that discuss new trials in a variety of contexts.

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