Be Proficient in Practicing Law and Running your Practice

Oct 18, 2011 By: Scott Smith

Attorneys today not only need to be proficient in the practice of law, but also need to be proficient in running their

Small Law Lifestyle: Robert Way

Oct 12, 2011 By: Kati Katzenmeyer

Our featured attorney, Robert Way, has the martial arts skills of a Navy Seal, and still balances life as a family man,

Attending Depositions from Afar: Using Internet Realtime to Connect Disparate Teams

Oct 4, 2011 By: Angelo G. Spenillo

West Case Notebook Education Manager, Pam Marty brings more than twenty-five years of experience within the legal community.  Her background includes over

Small Law Lifestyle: Neale Poller

Sep 28, 2011 By: Hannah Wohler

As an instrument rated pilot, Neale Poller has mastered the intensive training of solely relying on instruments in flight. When it comes

Miller’s Standard Insurance Policies Annotated 101

Sep 23, 2011 By: Kati Katzenmeyer

I recently interviewed Susan Miller, the author of Miller’s Standard Insurance Policies Annotated. Check out how she got the product idea, and

Small Law Lifestyle: Tom Jacobson

Sep 21, 2011 By: Hannah Wohler

In addition to being a lawyer, Tom Jacobson is a licensed locomotive engineer and the president of the Orange Empire Railway Museum

Small Law Firm Resource Center at Your Service

Sep 16, 2011 By: Legal Solutions

We all need a helping hand every now and then.  A team here at Thomson Reuters has been diligently working on a

Small Law Lifestyle: Daniel Baum

Sep 14, 2011 By: Hannah Wohler

New York lawyer Daniel Baum is not your stereotypical litigator. He spends his time away from the office focusing on health and

Law On The Edge: Trip to Iraq Part II

Sep 13, 2011 By: Kati Katzenmeyer

We recently got to know Phil Wormdahl for his Small Law Lifestyle and how he spends his time as The Edge in

Estate Planning Webinar for Small Law Firms

Sep 9, 2011 By: Jen Leverty

Hear author Ronald Lipman discuss hot topics in estate planning.  You’re invited to a FREE webinar presented by Ronald Lipman, a national

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