Best practices for launching law firm diversity programs

Dec 19, 2016 By: Alan Gutterman

Diversity has been a major issue for larger law firms in recent years and it is now standard for those firms to have formal diversity programs.

Congress Restricts Ticket-Buying “Bots”

Dec 19, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

The United States Congress recently passed the “Better Online Ticket Sales Act” (BOTS Act).

The Legal Profession’s Obligation to Monitor Evolving Technology

Dec 13, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

The American Bar Association and approximately 14 states now require that lawyers remain informed regarding benefits and risks associated with the use of technology in support of the practice of law.

Putting a Stake in the Ground — Launching a Branch or Subsidiary in a Foreign Country

Dec 5, 2016 By: Alan Gutterman

A cross-border investment, whether a new green field project or acquisition, involves a whole host of decisions.

Federal Magistrate Approves Use of Twitter for Service of Process

Nov 29, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

Federal Magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler in San Francisco has reportedly approved use of Twitter for service of process involving an international party.

Creating and implementing anti-bribery compliance programs

Nov 28, 2016 By: Alan Gutterman

Many countries have specific anti-bribery laws that may come into play in any given export sales or other international transaction.

Products Liability and the Self-Driving Car: Supplier Liability for Defective Electronics or Software in the Autonomous Vehicle

Nov 25, 2016 By: Paul D. Rheingold

Mass tort litigation for the self-driving car may come about if there was a malfunction in the electronics or software of vehicle, causing injury.

Using International Business Plans to Chart a Smooth Voyage to Going Global

Nov 23, 2016 By: Alan Gutterman

While companies are often heavily involved in a specific transaction or activity involving a foreign partner or assets and resources located outside of the US, it is always important to remember that the goals and objectives of the transaction or activity should be consistent with the company’s overall international business plan and strategy.

Stanford Researchers Request Court Unseal Surveillance Requests

Nov 21, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

Two researchers affiliated with Stanford University have asked federal court to unseal law enforcement requests of private parties related to electronic monitoring and surveillance activities.

Long-Awaited Changes to Overtime Rules Come into Effect on December 1, 2016

Nov 16, 2016 By: Alan Gutterman

On December 1, 2016, the Department of Labor’s rule changes regarding overtime will finally take effect.

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