Thought Leader Webinar for Small Law Firms

Aug 23, 2011 By: Legal Solutions

Hear author Ronald Lipman discuss hot topics in estate planning.  You’re invited to a FREE webinar presented by Ronald Lipman, a national

CLE: The Bankruptcy Effect on Patent Licenses and Strategies

Aug 12, 2011 By: Ric Snead

If you are involved in IP licensing and are unfamiliar or rusty with bankruptcy law, you should consider this class.  The CLE brings

Understanding Cloud Computing and Its Legal and Regulatory Issues

Aug 1, 2011 By: Victoria Daudelin

Cloud computing is one of the most important trends in computing. This webinar provides an overview of this movement and the legal/regulatory

Legal Research Webinars for Small Law Firms

Jul 25, 2011 By: Legal Solutions

Learn how to enhance your research techniques on WestlawNext™and Westlaw®.  Take advantage of upcoming webinars to gain tips and tricks to help you search with

Legal Process Outsourcing Webinar Series

Jul 11, 2011 By: Victoria Daudelin

Legal Process Outsourcing – We have all heard about it, but few understand its’ complexities. The New York Law Journal and Pangea3

Webinar Sessions On Hot Topics For Corporate Legal Professionals

Jun 16, 2011 By: Victoria Daudelin

Learn about topics, tools, and issues that mean the most to you. Webinars are a great way to receive valuable information on

Meet the presenter of the upcoming Bankruptcy Webinar

Mar 28, 2011 By: Jeremy Byellin

Prior to his retirement in 2006, Honorable William Houston Brown was a U.S. bankruptcy judge for the Western District of Tennessee for 19 Years.

Free Bankruptcy Webinar

Mar 22, 2011 By: Jeremy Byellin

Join us for an information-packed webinar by a distinguished bankruptcy judge offering you expert guidance on important contemporary topics in the field.

Lawyers and social media: Webcasts will explore pros and cons

Nov 15, 2010 By: Legal Solutions

Two live webcasts from West LegalEdcenter will provide an ethical perspective on social networking and other high-tech tools for law firm business development.

Don’t miss out! Two more WestlawNext webinars for research experts

Oct 28, 2010 By: Legal Solutions

Learn more about the search engine that powers WestlawNext and how to print documents that include notes, highlighting, or other WestlawNext features.

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