Today in 1824: Gibbons v. Ogden, the first Commerce Clause case, is decided

Mar 2, 2012 By: Jeremy Byellin

On March 2, 1824, the Supreme Court decided Gibbons v. Ogden, marking the start of a turbulent history in Commerce Clause jurisprudence that continues today.

Today in 1936: U.S. v. Butler is decided

Jan 6, 2012 By: Jeremy Byellin

On January 6, 1936, the Supreme Court decided U.S. v. Butler, which was the last Supreme Court ruling limiting congressional Taxing and Spending Clause power.

FantasySCOTUS health care law predictions, part 3

Dec 6, 2011 By: Jeremy Byellin

Here is the first half of my FantasySCOTUS prediction on the question of the individual mandate’s constitutionality of the Supreme Court’s case on the health care law. Part 3 of 5.

Today in 1935: Schechter v. U.S. rules another New Deal law unconstitutional

May 27, 2011 By: Jeremy Byellin

On May 27, 1935, the U.S. Supreme Court decided Schechter v. U.S., holding that Congress has very limited authority under the Commerce Clause.