Google Trademark Defense

Oct 13, 2014 By: Craig Blakeley and Jeff Matsuura

In the recent case, Google successfully defended its name from a claim that it had become a generic mark.


Jul 8, 2014 By: Legal Solutions

Did you hear the Washington Redskins “lost” their trademarks last month? You probably have, but actually, that’s not true.

Trademark Audits and Due Diligence – Fundamentals and Free Checklist

Apr 21, 2014 By: Lisa M. Brownlee

For a limited time a sample comprehensive trademark due diligence checklist can be downloaded for free here.

Cronuts, Clones And Trademarks: How Real Does “The Real Thing” Have To Be?

Apr 11, 2014 By: Will Ashenmacher

Dominque Ansel may get to trademark the term “Cronut,” but does it really matter? To this guy, it does.

Deadmau5 v. Disney: Bring out the popcorn

Apr 4, 2014 By: Will Ashenmacher

Disney doesn’t like Deadmau5’s attempt to trademark his signature mouse profile. The Canadian DJ is pretty hot-tempered, so this should get good…

With Power Comes Responsibility: The NFL’s Trademark-Enabled Waste Problem

Feb 7, 2014 By: Will Ashenmacher

Federal authorities are planning to destroy $21.6 million in clothing that unlawfully bears the NFL’s trademarks, instead of, say, donating such items to those in need.

Pork Rinds, Trademarks and the NFL: The U.S. PTO’s ‘Redskins’ Decision

Jan 10, 2014 By: Will Ashenmacher

The USPTO recently denied a trademark application for “Redskins Hog Rind” pork rinds because the term “redskin” is offensive to Native Americans. Bad news for the Washington Redskins?

‘Urban Meyer Knows’ There’s Money To Be Made In Trademarking NCAA Coaches’ Names

Nov 8, 2013 By: Will Ashenmacher

The only football players I know are the ones who have been profiled in GQ, so I can’t say I really know…uh,

Lawsuit: Popcorn Sutton Tries To Free-Ride Jack Daniel’s

Oct 25, 2013 By: Will Ashenmacher

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey has filed suit against, Popcorn Sutton, another liquor company, for allegedly copying its marketing and presentation

To Steal A Mockingbird

Oct 18, 2013 By: Will Ashenmacher

“Mockingbird” author Harper Lee sued her hometown heritage museum, alleging trademark infringement and personality rights infringement.

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