Legislative history comes to WestlawNext

Feb 11, 2011 By: Larisa Tehven

Long a staple of Westlaw and print publications, federal and state legislative history materials are now on WestlawNext.

Westlaw Reg & Leg Center: The easiest way to cut through red tape

Feb 9, 2011 By: Larisa Tehven

New Reg & Leg Center available on Westlaw. When you use the Reg & Leg Center, you don’t have to guess all the possible terms used in the statutes or regulations you need.

Westlaw tip: Sometimes less news is good news

Feb 2, 2011 By: West Reference Attorneys

Use the “Limit Your Search using SmartTerms” in many news databases to limit your results by checking boxes for Industry, Company, Subject or Location.

Westlaw tip: federal rules for court-martial proceedings

Jan 28, 2011 By: West Reference Attorneys

The Federal Military Law–Manual for Courts–Martial database (FMIL-MCM) on Westlaw contains the Manual for Courts-Martial as well as materials released by the Executive Office of the President of the United States.

Get seamless access to patents and international materials on WestlawNext!

Jan 27, 2011 By: Katie Sheehan

Learn how to access patents and international materials on WestlawNext.

Have your WestlawNext session summary e-mailed to you automatically

Jan 26, 2011 By: Larisa Tehven

Set your WestlawNext preferences so that your research history is automatically e-mailed to you each time you sign off.

Westlaw tip: Change client IDs without hitting the off/on switch

Jan 26, 2011 By: West Reference Attorneys

Simply click “Preferences” in the upper right, then “Change Client ID” on the left.

What’s the difference between “credit” and “source” in the CFR?

Jan 19, 2011 By: Legal Solutions

The credit field in the CFR is not labeled CREDIT(S) as in the USCA, but instead is set apart by brackets around the FR citations.

Ever wished you could narrow your search with several filters simultaneously? Now you can!

Jan 13, 2011 By: Katie Sheehan

Narrow your WestlawNext search results further by selecting multiple filter check boxes at once. As of January 8, when you check a filter box, it stays checked.

Westlaw tip: Use Find&Print to pull up multiple cases at a time

Jan 12, 2011 By: West Reference Attorneys

You can access this feature on Westlaw by clicking on the Find&Print link at the top of the screen to pull up to 20 citations at once.