From Business Law Center: Tax Conditions In Inversion Mergers

Aug 22, 2014 By: Craig Eastland

U.S. companies are reorganizing abroad — a maneuver called an inversion — to secure more favorable tax treatment. Here’s a look at how the U.S. has attempted to tackle the issue.

Investigating Homestead Fraud: Why it Matters

Sep 6, 2013 By: Julia Madigan

Every year, states lose millions of dollars in potential tax revenue due to fraudulently filed homestead exemptions. Here are a few tips your state can use to effectively identify and investigate homestead fraud.

When is a tax not a tax? Ask Chief Justice Roberts

Jun 28, 2012 By: Jeremy Byellin

The Supreme Court’s ruling in the health care law challenge on the Anti-Injunction Act and Congress’s Taxing Clause powers creates somewhat of a weird contradiction.

Small Law Firms: Marcellus Shale Legal Trends

Aug 4, 2011 By: Lise Freking

Thinking of taking a summer or fall vacation to Pennsylvania this year?  You might need to bring your camping gear instead of