States begin push for implementation of employee password protection laws

Oct 12, 2012 By: Alan Gutterman

In light of increased pushes by the states to implement employee password protection laws, consideration should be given to reviewing and updating social media policies to specifically address the issues raised by these laws

Facebook rolls out pay-for-post policy for individuals

Oct 11, 2012 By: Jeremy Byellin

Facebook recently announced that it was going to roll out a new “feature” that allows individual users to pay for more exposure for their posts. There may be more than one unintended consequence, though.

Who Owns What? Navigating Ownership Issues Related To Social Media Assets

Sep 21, 2012 By: Andrew Pieper

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn—and their smaller cousins like Pinterest, Google+, and seemingly innumerable others—have opened up new and

Social media is now a staple of policies and procedures you need to have ready for your client

Sep 18, 2012 By: Alan Gutterman

Social media, along with all of the legal and employment implications along with it, is here to stay. Thus, the need for a social media policy ready to implement is needed more than ever.

Why you should ease off legalese in your blog posts

Sep 14, 2012 By: Kellie Pantekoek

Have you ever had a conversation with a non-lawyer client, friend or family member and used a legal term like “res ipsa

Practice Management: Social Media Marketing for law firms

Aug 30, 2012 By: Casey Hall

Client Development One of our goals here at the Westlaw Insider is to provide you with insights and resources that can help

Hot Docs: EA sues Zynga over copyright infringement in “The Ville”

Aug 16, 2012 By: Jeremy Byellin

Electronic Arts is suing social game creator Zynga over elements of EA’s “The Sims Social” that EA claims Zynga “copied and misappropriated” in its “The Ville” game.

Facebook & the ACLU join appeal of Facebook “Like” ruling

Aug 14, 2012 By: Jeremy Byellin

Social media sites such as Facebook now have a vested economic interest in fighting to protect online First Amendment rights.

Think Before You Tweet

Aug 13, 2012 By: Craig Blakeley and Jeff Matsuura

The case of Gene Morphis, former CFO of Francesca’s Holdings Corporation, shows how one can be fired for only posting personal opinions on social media.

Why LinkedIn is, in fact, a useful tool for lawyers

Aug 10, 2012 By: Kellie Pantekoek

I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t really “get” LinkedIn until I did some digging for this blog post. In

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