NSA’s Collection of Americans’ Phone Records Violates Patriot Act

May 14, 2015 By: Marissa Bartolucci

On May 7, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals concluded the language of the Patriot Act could not be construed to authorize the telephone metadata program.

Appeals court strikes down NSA phone records surveillance program

May 8, 2015 By: Jeremy Byellin

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that the NSA’s telephony metadata collection program is not legally authorized under any statute.

Expert Q&A on Standing in Data Breach Class Actions

Apr 22, 2015 By: Barry Goheen

An expert Q&A with Barry Goheen of King & Spalding, examining the key issues, trends and strategic considerations relating to standing in data breach class action litigation in light of the US Supreme Court’s decision in Clapper v. Amnesty International USA and its progeny.

Insurance Company App Drives Privacy Concerns

Apr 13, 2015 By: Jeff Matsuura

A Canadian insurance company recently released a mobile app which has created controversy over its privacy implications.

American Tech Companies Sued by Consumers in British Courts

Apr 6, 2015 By: Craig Blakeley

In a recent consumer lawsuit against Google, British courts determined that they have jurisdiction over American tech companies.

Government Surveillance and the Ethics of Hacking

Mar 23, 2015 By: Craig Blakeley

When government agencies refuse to accept meaningful oversight of their electronic surveillance activities, the world becomes less secure.

Net neutrality vote introduces a new player in the privacy game: The FCC

Mar 19, 2015 By: Kenneth N. Rashbaum

The Federal Trade Commission has recently indicated, in word and deed, that it intends to take an increased role in privacy protection.

Cyberthreats lurk: Protect your employees’ PII

Mar 2, 2015 By: Nick Sullivan

Valeria Barnhart and Emily Thomas of Kelley Kronenberg PA say that as small and large data breaches are occurring at an alarming

New Romanian Cybersecurity Law, a Threat to Economic Development

Feb 2, 2015 By: Jeff Matsuura

New cybersecurity legislation is nearing enactment in Romania, and it would likely have major impact on international data privacy and security.

Spanish Court Action Threatens Online Privacy

Jan 26, 2015 By: Craig Blakeley

Arrests by Spanish authorities of terror suspects were made on the basis of their use of encrypted email services, raising serious concerns about the government’s online privacy views.

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