Law firm management

Sep 26, 2016 By: Alan Gutterman

Historically, the management of most law firm had surprisingly little to do with what is really the primary business of the firm: the timely and effective delivery of high quality and valuable legal services to clients.

Deadlines are critical – so never miss one

Sep 20, 2016 By: Jeremy Byellin

The practice of law is run by deadlines, and missing one can have catastrophic consequences. So how can attorneys address this important concern?

Medical examiner’s performance-based firing DOA

Sep 6, 2016 By: Brian Greenlee

A county’s decision to skip a step of the contractual progressive discipline procedure nullified an employee’s termination for poor performance.

‘Negligent’ aircraft mechanic’s termination doesn’t fly with arbitrator

Sep 2, 2016 By: Brian Greenlee

An airframe and power plant mechanic with 37 years’ service was discharged for negligence and misuse or unauthorized operation of a government vehicle during a widespread power outage at an air force base.

Do plaintiff leaders of a mass tort MDL owe a fiduciary duty to lawyers with cases in the MDL?

Aug 26, 2016 By: Paul D. Rheingold

Almost a half century after the creation of federal MultiDistirct Litigation (MDL) there isn’t a substantial body of law on whether the lawyers that the MDL court appoints to lead the plaintiff’s cases owe a fiduciary duty to other plaintiff’s lawyers.

Counseling Corporate Officers

Aug 24, 2016 By: Alan Gutterman

There are several good reasons for taking specific steps to educate officers regarding their fiduciary obligations to the corporations that they serve.

Practical Law Feature: Business Development for Litigators

Aug 1, 2016 By: Meagan Crowley-Hsu

To build your book of business and make the most of your limited time, consider the following tips in this article.

Mass elimination of MDL cases on a statute of limitations defense

Jul 20, 2016 By: Paul D. Rheingold

One mass production method to knock out cases where the SOL has run is to set up a procedure for the defendant to challenge cases in groups.

Driver’s ‘shy bladder’ defense doesn’t hold water

Jul 19, 2016 By: Brian Greenlee

An employee’s failure to provide a legitimate excuse for not complying with a drug test justified her termination.

‘Five finger discount’ incompatible with worker’s occupation

Jul 18, 2016 By: Brian Greenlee

The nature of an employee’s off-duty criminal conduct justified her termination.

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