Stanford Researchers Request Court Unseal Surveillance Requests

Nov 21, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

Two researchers affiliated with Stanford University have asked federal court to unseal law enforcement requests of private parties related to electronic monitoring and surveillance activities.

Congressman Sues Opponent, Claims Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Violation

Sep 26, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

Mike Honda of California has sued his campaign opponent alleging violations of the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

New York City Claims Verizon Defaulted on Broadband Service Promise

Sep 23, 2016 By: Craig Blakeley

The New York City government officially notified Verizon this month that the company has breached its commitment to provide citywide broadband fiber service.

Revision to Federal Criminal Procedure Rule May Lead to Widespread Electronic Surveillance

Sep 19, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

Effective December 1, 2016, Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure will be amended to expand the reach of the authority of federal judges when they are issuing search warrants.

Federal Judge Approves Warrantless Hacking of Computers

Jun 27, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

Judge Henry Coke Morgan, Jr. in the federal court for the Eastern District of Virginia reportedly supported warrantless hacking of computers as part of an FBI child pornography investigation.

E-Commerce Subscription Pricing Model Leads to Consumer Complaints

May 31, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

A wide range of e-commerce websites offer substantial price discounts to consumers, but those lower prices come at a cost.

Facebook Sued for Breach of Illinois Privacy Law

May 23, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

Facebook is currently defending itself in a privacy lawsuit alleging violation of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA).

Senator Franken Opens a New Front in the Battle over Privacy

Apr 11, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

Senator Al Franken has challenged virtual reality (VR) equipment developer, Oculus, to clarify and expand its privacy policies and practices.

U.S. Government Demands Source Code Access

Apr 4, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

There are now reports that the U.S. government has on multiple occasions successfully compelled commercial companies to provide proprietary computer source code to the government for analysis and use.

Export Control Laws Limit 3-D Printing of Guns

Mar 28, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

Litigation now in progress tests the limits of federal export control law applicability to 3-D printing of guns and other weapons.

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