Today in 2011: Ninth Circuit affirms injunction against Arizona law stripping benefits from state employee domestic partners

Sep 6, 2013 By: Jeremy Byellin

Near the beginning of the Supreme Court’s last term, I wrote a post about several different cases that could come before the

What happened in Perry and what’s going to happen to Prop 8

Jun 27, 2013 By: Jeremy Byellin

Right after the much anticipated U.S. v. Windsor ruling, the Supreme Court announced its decision in Hollingsworth v. Perry. Windsor held that

Understanding Windsor and its impact on same-sex marriage laws

Jun 26, 2013 By: Jeremy Byellin

Now that we finally have a ruling in U.S. v. Windsor, we have to break down what it all means — both now, and for the future of same-sex marriage laws.

The five most anticipated cases awaiting a SCOTUS decision next month

May 31, 2013 By: Jeremy Byellin

The Supreme Court’s current term wraps up at the end of June. In this post, we’ll be highlighting the five most anticipated cases that the Court will be issuing decisions on next month.

Is Windsor a Trojan Horse?

Apr 4, 2013 By: Jason Steed

The Supreme Court’s conservative justices may be using U.S. v. Windsor (the DOMA case) as a vehicle for pushing federalism. But as I see it, federalism isn’t the object of the Trojan horse; it’s part of the horse.

Figuring out Justice Kennedy

Apr 2, 2013 By: Jeremy Byellin

Commentators seem to agree that Justice Kennedy will be central to the Supreme Court’s decisions in the same-sex cases. But how will he vote?

Predicting the Same-Sex Marriage Cases on FantasySCOTUS

Mar 29, 2013 By: Jake Knadle

This week the United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments for two of the most anticipated cases in recent memory, Hollingsworth v.

10 quotes from the same-sex marriage Supreme Court oral arguments and what they might mean (part 2)

Mar 29, 2013 By: Kellie Pantekoek

Yesterday, we looked at five important quotes from Hollingsworth v. Perry, the case challenging California’s ban on same-sex marriage. Today, we will examine five more from United States v. Windsor

Final prediction on same-sex marriage cases, post oral arguments

Mar 28, 2013 By: Jeremy Byellin

After the dust settled from oral arguments, the Court seems very likely to strike down DOMA’s Section 3, but we don’t know why — a point that is very important to the legality of same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage is not new

Mar 27, 2013 By: Jason Steed

Contrary to what several justices claimed during yesterday’s oral argument, same-sex marriage is not new — it is centuries old

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