When is a tax not a tax? Ask Chief Justice Roberts

Jun 28, 2012 By: Jeremy Byellin

The Supreme Court’s ruling in the health care law challenge on the Anti-Injunction Act and Congress’s Taxing Clause powers creates somewhat of a weird contradiction.

SCOTUS limitation on Medicaid expansion matters more in principle than practice

Jun 28, 2012 By: Jeremy Byellin

The Supreme Court’s ruling on the ACA’s Medicaid expansion softens penalties for noncompliant states, but in practice, most states will still comply.

In health care ruling, Roberts gives Congress broad Taxing Clause powers

Jun 28, 2012 By: Jeremy Byellin

This morning’s Supreme Court decision upheld the Affordable Care Act nearly in its entirety, but did so on Taxing Clause, rather than Commerce Clause, grounds.

Hot Docs: SCOTUS ruling is worst case scenario for AZ law’s supporters

Jun 27, 2012 By: Jeremy Byellin

On Monday, the Supreme Court issued its ruling in Arizona v. U.S., striking down all but one of the Arizona immigration law’s challenged provisions. Though the law’s supporters claim otherwise, the ruling is an unequivocal victory for President Obama.

Post-oral arguments Arizona v. U.S. prediction update

Apr 26, 2012 By: Jeremy Byellin

On Wednesday, April 25, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Arizona v. U.S., the Federal Government’s challenge to SB 1070. Here are my updated predictions.

Today in 1996: Romer v. Evans is decided

May 20, 2011 By: Jeremy Byellin

Today in 1996, the U.S. Supreme Court decided Romer v. Evans, a case significant for several reasons. To constitutional law buffs, the