MN Orchestra travels to Cuba: Is that elephant ivory or mastodon?

May 22, 2015 By: Emily Slagle

The Minnesota Orchestra’s recent trip to Cuba highlights concerns musicians have with bringing their instruments through customs.

Today in 1778: The U.S. enters a formal alliance with France

Feb 6, 2015 By: Jeremy Byellin

On February 6, 1778, the U.S. entered a formal alliance with France, marking a turning point in the Revolutionary War in America’s favor.

Today in 2005: State Department gives immunity to Pope Benedict in sex abuse lawsuit

Sep 19, 2014 By: Jeremy Byellin

On September 19, 2005, the U.S. State Department submitted a “suggestion of immunity” for Pope Benedict in a sexual abuse lawsuit against the Catholic Church

Practical Law Feature Article: International Litigation: Applying Foreign Law in US Litigation

Mar 20, 2014 By: Legal Solutions

A party’s decision to bring a cause of action under foreign law or to apply foreign law to the facts of litigation taking place in a US district court is a critical and strategic one that affects how a case is proven.

Hot Docs: Ruling: Adoption agency that faked death certificates is “criminal enterprise”

Sep 6, 2012 By: Jeremy Byellin

A U.S. district court just ruled that an adoption agency that faked death certificates for a Ugandan child’s parents, is the proper subject of a RICO civil suit.

Today in 2000: Elián González’s two grandmothers are issued U.S. visas

Jan 20, 2012 By: Jeremy Byellin

On January 20, 2000, Elián’s two grandmothers from Cuba were issued U.S. visas to travel to the U.S. to advocate for the boy’s return to Cuba.

The Perilous World of Online Content

Dec 22, 2011 By: Craig Blakeley and Jeff Matsuura

Joe Gordon’s arrest in Thailand is a reminder that today’s communications and information technologies make it possible for anyone to be liable for publishing crimes in other countries.

Today in 2002: “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh pleads guilty

Jul 15, 2011 By: Jeremy Byellin

On July 15, 2002, John Walker Lindh pleaded guilty to supplying services to the Taliban and carrying an explosive during the commission of a felony.