Thomson Reuters at the 2013 Court Technology Conference

Aug 30, 2013 By: Julia Madigan

Join us September 17-19 for the 2013 Court Technology Conference and learn how your court can overcome challenges with the latest technology.

Free Webinar on Municipal Law Research

Aug 23, 2013 By: Julia Madigan

Are you looking for more efficient ways to research Municipal Law on WestlawNext? Attend a free webinar on Thursday, August 29, at

Free webinar for county attorneys: Use technology to get the most out of your workday

Aug 16, 2013 By: Julia Madigan

If you work in a county attorney’s office, then you can probably relate to the challenges that many of your peers are

Thomson Reuters at the 2013 CWAG Annual Meeting

Aug 7, 2013 By: Mick Atton

The manicured order of the Broadmoor Hotel against the rugged frontrange of southern Colorado mirrored the range of agenda topics at the

Achieving Excellence in Courts

Jul 31, 2013 By: Hon. Kevin Burke

Recent polls show that public confidence in Congress and the United States Supreme Court is at an all-time low.  The legal profession

Preservation and Legal Holds in the Public Sector: New White Paper

Jul 25, 2013 By: Jay E. Grenig

With the amount of electronically stored information (ESI) growing rapidly, government agencies are becoming increasingly concerned about the necessity to preserve ESI and the negative consequences that may result from the failure to preserve

Entrapment: The Interplay between Inducement and Predisposition after Jacobson

Jul 17, 2013 By: David C. Larson

The affirmative defense of entrapment considers the level of government inducement and the predisposition of the defendant towards committing the crime. The Supreme Court’s 1992 Jacobson v. United States ruling seems to have blurred the distinction.

Access to Justice: AALL Annual Meeting

Jul 12, 2013 By: Justice Paul H. Anderson

It is appropriate and relevant that the topic for the keynote address at this year’s annual meeting of the American Association of Law Librarians is “Access to Justice.” This topic is appropriate because 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision in Gideon v. Wainwright, one of the Court’s most significant decisions on the question of access to justice.

Open Government Data: the Road to Innovation

Jul 3, 2013 By: Rob Russell

As governments across the globe move rapidly to share data openly for public consumption, citizens and businesses have unprecedented access to information

New White Paper: 11 Ways to Improve Operational Controls In A University Legal Department

Jun 20, 2013 By: Rob Thomas

This white paper describes key ways that university legal departments can more successfully manage their work to comply with legal requirements, manage risk, and minimize legal costs, while also demonstrating the value that their department provides to their institutions.

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