Maintaining a Legacy with Succession Planning 101

May 4, 2016 By: Richard Baum

Death brings attention to estate planning for individuals as well as succession planning for business owners.

The Number One Estate Planning Mistake

Sep 30, 2013 By: Leigh Hilton

One of the more popular speeches that I give is the Top 12 Estate Planning Mistakes: How to Detect and Avoid Them.

Upcoming webinar with Estate Planning Thought Leader Ronald Lipman

Aug 14, 2012 By: Chris Schoenbauer

On a recent vacation to Lake Superior’s North Shore, my wife and I began a conversation with a couple who, like us,

August Westlaw Training Line-Up: Estate Planning

Jul 25, 2012 By: Sarah Erickson

Don’t miss our free webinar sessions to help your office get the most out of your Westlaw plan. August will highlight complementary

Free live webinars for small firms in March

Feb 28, 2012 By: Shelley Gracia

Welcome to another month of Westlaw practice insights and technical training for small and independent law firms.  Free, live March webinars offer

Small Law Lifestyle: Robert Way

Oct 12, 2011 By: Kati Katzenmeyer

Our featured attorney, Robert Way, has the martial arts skills of a Navy Seal, and still balances life as a family man,

Estate Planning Webinar for Small Law Firms

Sep 9, 2011 By: Jen Leverty

Hear author Ronald Lipman discuss hot topics in estate planning.  You’re invited to a FREE webinar presented by Ronald Lipman, a national

Small Law Firms: Marcellus Shale Legal Trends

Aug 4, 2011 By: Lise Freking

Thinking of taking a summer or fall vacation to Pennsylvania this year?  You might need to bring your camping gear instead of