Is Straight Ticket ever the Ticket? State Laws and Party Line Voting

Jul 22, 2016 By: JIll McKiernan

Straight-ticket voting, which allows a voter to select every candidate that a party has on a ballot, was common for years, but its use has been in decline in recent decades.

How Primary Laws Impact the Party Nominating Process II: Open Primaries

Jul 20, 2016 By: Carena Crowell-Chambers

While a primary system can be thrown out by the courts if it is “too closed,” some primaries have also been ruled “too open.”

How Primary Laws Impact the Party Nominating Process I: Closed Primaries

Jul 18, 2016 By: Carena Crowell-Chambers

Courts have on many occasions measured the constitutionality of open and closed primary laws against the right to political association.

Colorado Judge Finds Campaign Law Violation in Social Media Post

Nov 2, 2015 By: Craig Blakeley

A school board election campaign in Colorado has generated a controversial interpretation of campaign laws in the context of social media.

A major win for ‘None of the above’

Feb 25, 2015 By: Max Milstein

In Nevada’s recent Democratic gubernatorial primary elections, “None of these candidates” won first place.

Today in 2000: Bush v. Gore is decided

Dec 12, 2014 By: Jeremy Byellin

On December 12, 2000, the Supreme Court decided Bush v. Gore, effectively deciding the 2000 presidential election in George W. Bush’s favor

Elections in court

Oct 22, 2014 By: Max Milstein

Often, American democracy itself turns into a judicial question, with many cases are filed each year.

Voters Reject Unprecedented Efforts to Oust Tennessee Supreme Court Justices

Aug 11, 2014 By: Mark P. Chalos

Despite a well-funded and professionally organized campaign against them, three Tennessee Supreme Court Justices received overwhelming support from voters in winning the August 7, 2014 retention election

Commission Recommends More Effective Technology Use in Elections

Apr 14, 2014 By: Craig Blakeley and Jeff Matsuura

The Presidential Commission on Election Administration recently released a report that recommended more effective IT use to protect election integrity.

Enforcing the Voting Rights Act after Shelby County

Jan 13, 2014 By: Loren Singer

After a 5-4 SCOTUS decision, one avenue for invoking the Voting Rights Act’s federal preclearance for changes to election laws in certain States is gone.