Popular Democracy and Capital Punishment in Nebraska

Feb 10, 2016 By: Max Milstein

In 2015, Nebraska became the seventh state to repeal the death penalty, and did so through its legislature — even overriding a gubernatorial veto.

Death penalty via lethal injection: Road to Glossip v. Gross and a new method of execution

Dec 9, 2015 By: Scott Schweikart

Administration of the death penalty via lethal injection has come under intense scrutiny as to both its effectiveness and constitutionality.

Supreme Court to decide Oklahoma lethal injection challenge

Jan 27, 2015 By: Jeremy Byellin

Late last Friday, the Supreme Court agreed to hear the challenge to Oklahoma’s lethal injection regime by three inmates on death row.

Hall v. Florida

Jun 18, 2014 By: Jeremy Schroeder

Not long after Oklahoma’s botched execution made news across the world, the Supreme Court decided Hall v. Florida, a ruling on IQ tests and the death penalty

Lethal Injection Debacle & European Union Strong-Arming

May 13, 2014 By: Jill VanderZiel

The Oklahoma state attorney general recently announced a 6 month delay in administering capital punishments after the bungled execution of Clayton Lockett

Court Time: Is life without parole for a 14 year old cruel and unusual?

Mar 14, 2012 By: Jeremy Byellin

The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on two cases next week that will resolve the question of whether a sentence of life without parole is in violation of the Eighth Amendment.

Today in 1901: President McKinley’s assassin gets the electric chair

Oct 29, 2010 By: Legal Solutions

New York was the first state to mandate electrocution for judicial executions, and Leon Czolgosz was the 50th New York convict to meet his fate in the electric chair.

Connecticut jury delivers guilty verdicts in triple-murder case

Oct 7, 2010 By: Legal Solutions

The shocking details of the widely publicized case have sparked a renewed debate about capital punishment in Connecticut and across the country.

Today in 1924: Leopold and Loeb spared the death penalty

Sep 10, 2010 By: Legal Solutions

Two weeks earlier, legendary trial attorney Clarence Darrow spent an entire day pleading for the lives of the confessed teenage murderers while a mob called for their executions.