Consumer Protection in the World of Broadband Data Services

Sep 2, 2014 By: Craig Blakeley and Jeff Matsuura

News reports suggest that some broadband data subscribers may not be getting their money’s worth.

New EU Cybersecurity Rules

Mar 4, 2013 By: Jeff Matsuura and Craig Blakeley

The EU and nations around the world are moving aggressively to create a robust and effective system for cybersecurity enforcement. It is time for the United States to do the same.

E-Discovery in Cross-Border Litigation, Part III: The Current International Scene

Jan 9, 2013 By: Daniel Garrie

This series of blog posts will address the increasingly common cross-border litigation and how the response to electronic discovery (“e-discovery”) differs among civil and common law jurisdictions.

Defining the First Sale Doctrine in the Digital Age

Jan 7, 2013 By: Jeff Matsuura and Craig Blakeley

The “First Sale Doctrine” provides rights of use and control to legitimate purchasers of copyright protected materials. The two pending cases pose a significant potential threat to these rights.

Copyright suit may bring production of ‘Batmobiles’ screeching to a halt

Jan 4, 2013 By: Will Ashenmacher

A garage is facing a lawsuit from Warner Bros., owners of DC Comics, the creators of “Batman” over its producing replicas from the 1960s Batman TV show.

Amazon Restricts Reviews by Authors

Dec 31, 2012 By: Jeff Matsuura and Craig Blakeley

In an effort to protect the integrity of its book reviews, Amazon recently imposed a ban on authors posting book reviews on works in the same genre in which they themselves write.

End-of-the-year special: Nefarious doings in the table-grape industry

Dec 28, 2012 By: Will Ashenmacher

Several grape-growers are suing over patents held by the California Table Grape Commission over two variety of grapes that, according to the plaintiffs, were in the public arena for over a year and are thus outside the scope of patent protection.

Privacy and Internet Addresses

Dec 24, 2012 By: Jeff Matsuura and Craig Blakeley

In light of a recent U.S. district court ruling that Internet users have no reasonable expectation of privacy in their IP addresses, individuals should assume that a substantial portion of their online activities are subject to monitoring by law enforcement.

Why we care about Instagram’s new terms…or not

Dec 21, 2012 By: Will Ashenmacher

Instagram recently proposed changes to its terms of use — which allow it to sell user photos without authorization — have a lot of users up in arms. Are they justified?

Who Owns Medical Device Data?

Dec 17, 2012 By: Jeff Matsuura and Craig Blakeley

Since medical device data are not governed by federal law, the manufacturers of medical devices generally assert ownership and rights of control associated with that data.

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