BlackRock forced employees to waive whistleblower awards, SEC says

Jan 27, 2017 By: Cory Hester

BlackRock Inc. has agreed to pay a $340,000 penalty to settle Securities and Exchange Commission charges that the investment management firm illegally

Startup Lawyering 2.0

Oct 24, 2016 By: Joe Green

A new paper describes the day-to-day work of lawyers who advise startup companies, and provides an overview of what distinguishes the practice of startup lawyers from the practice of other types of corporate lawyers.

SEC sets single-year record for enforcement actions

Oct 19, 2016 By: Cory Hester

The Securities and Exchange Commission recently announced its enforcement results for the 2016 fiscal year, which saw the highest number of enforcement

Shire $12.1 billion note offering to repay loans for Baxalta acquisition

Oct 3, 2016 By: Cory Hester

Shire plc recently sold billions of dollars in debt to help repay borrowings under a credit facility used to fund the pharmaceutical company’s acquisition of Baxalta Inc.

ISIS fears continue to plague public companies

Feb 20, 2015 By: Cory Hester

(Editor’s Note: This post is an excerpt from an article appearing in Practitioner Insights on WestlawNext) Recent filings show that public companies remain concerned about escalating

Billion-dollar note offerings signal healthy appetite for debt

Feb 13, 2015 By: Cory Hester

Several well-known issuers have launched billion-dollar note offerings in February, a sign of healthy debt markets for public companies

Peer-to-peer lending companies hit IPO market

Dec 10, 2014 By: Cory Hester

One industry to recently emerge on the initial public offering market is peer-to-peer lending providers

More quarterly reports include Ebola-related risk factors

Nov 12, 2014 By: Cory Hester

In the third quarter, several public companies begun disclosing risk factors related to the ongoing Ebola epidemic and the potentially adverse effects on their businesses

Issuers utilize note offerings to fund early redemption of outstanding debt

Nov 3, 2014 By: Cory Hester

With the ability to issue debt at more favorable rates, many companies are undertaking registered note offerings with an eye toward using the proceeds from such offerings for the early repayment of other outstanding debt obligations

Carl Icahn discloses intent to expand social media use to Tumblr

Oct 13, 2014 By: Cory Hester

(Editor’s Note: This post is an excerpt from an article appearing in Practitioner Insights on WestlawNext) In light of the rapid growth of social

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