Smart Cars, Privacy, and Security

Jun 6, 2012 By: Craig Blakeley and Jeff Matsuura

As cars get smarter, the risk of privacy and security violations increase. These technological advances need to be balanced against such costs

New Anti-Terrorism Guidelines Take Us Closer to “Big Brother”

May 7, 2012 By: Craig Blakeley and Jeff Matsuura

The Attorney General just issued new guidelines that permit government authorities involved in anti-terrorism efforts to store private information associated with U.S. citizens for up to five years.

Social Media Law Round-up Oct. 18- 22, 2010

Oct 21, 2010 By: Marcus Anderson

Big Brother is watching and the blogosphere is curious. As we were going through a list of hot topics in social media this week, we noticed several articles were posted about legal issues that involve government agencies, or officials involved with surveillance, privacy, monitoring, or general use of social media. This Round-up will include stories about police use of Twitter, government snoops on Facebook, spying on Americans, and emerging hot legal issues that are arising from data scraping by administrative agencies. Enjoy.

Social Media Law Round-up October 1-11, 2010

Oct 11, 2010 By: Marcus Anderson

Is it okay to post that you received a bonus at work on your personal network? This week’s Social Media Round-up includes advice on what to not write on personel sites, legal implications of google searching for prospective employees, and proof that big brother is watching.