Creditor can’t manipulate senior claim to save junior lien

Nov 15, 2016 By: David Light

A creditor holding two mortgages could not waive a portion of the amount owed on the senior mortgage in order to keep the junior mortgage from being stripped off in the homeowner’s Chapter 13 case

‘Chutzpah of the Year’ award?

Aug 15, 2016 By: David Light

A debtor who sought to reaffirm a debt — secured by a Jaguar he bought just before filing for bankruptcy — might be a candidate for the “Chutzpah of the Year” award.

Glorified lawn mower isn’t a lawn tractor

Apr 22, 2016 By: David Light

All riding lawn mowers are not lawn tractors. It’s a distinction that’s frequently overlooked, but it is very important in consumer bankruptcy cases.

Invocation of religious court violates bankruptcy law

Oct 9, 2015 By: Joe Fraracci

U.S. District Judge Robert D. Drain, hearing a motion filed by an Orthodox Jewish congregation, ruled that Bais Chinuch L’Bonois Inc. and

Texas bankruptcy court shootout over social media accounts

May 15, 2015 By: Joe Fraracci

When a company files for bankruptcy, its social media accounts are property of the bankruptcy estate subject to distribution under the Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 lawyers take postdated checks, get hefty fine

May 12, 2015 By: David Light

Two attorneys who accepted postdated checks for fees in Chapter 7 cases must now pay $189,505 to their former clients.

Rent-control decision leaves sour taste for Big Apple landlords

Mar 24, 2015 By: Joe Fraracci

A ruling that rent-stabilized leases are “local public assistance benefits” has disappointed landlords in New York City. The New York Court of