The Path to a Non-Traditional Legal Career

Jun 11, 2015 By: Rachel Utter

When looking at what work you want to do, evaluate your opportunities in light of your values and skills, so you can have confidence in your decision

Alternative Legal Careers: Site Acquisition

Feb 24, 2015 By: Kristin Giant

Site acquisition specialists, which are often listed as “JD preferred”, negotiate leases between land-owners and telecom companies.

The top 5 things about my nontraditional legal career

Feb 18, 2015 By: Kellie Pantekoek

Although I went to law school with the intent of practicing law, I came to find a nontraditional legal career to be most appealing.

I had a great law job

Feb 17, 2015 By: Laura Blakenship

I used to be an estate planning attorney in a thriving boutique firm until the fall of 2008, when I left it behind to become a financial advisor, unknowingly on the brink of the financial crisis.

A career in social media without abandoning my attorney roots

Feb 11, 2015 By: Casey Hall

Although my job primarily entails social media, I haven’t abandoned my attorney roots and still consider my J.D. instrumental to my work.

Strange Journeys: Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the ride

Feb 10, 2015 By: Emily Baxter

You never know where your career path will lead.

My Alternative Legal Career: Teaching and Technology

Feb 9, 2015 By: Samuel Berbano

How can we, as lawyers, make sense of all the information in our practice? If you’re passionate about answering that question, you can find opportunities in the New Normal.

Law Librarianship – The Career That Lets You Be Teacher, Lawyer, and Librarian. Why Pick Just One?

Feb 9, 2015 By: Valerie Aggerbeck

Law librarianship is the career that lets you be teacher, lawyer, and librarian all at once!