Why joint ventures fail

Feb 17, 2015 By: Alan Gutterman

Joint ventures are a popular, but risky, strategy for expanding business activities, so it’s important to understand joint ventures fail.

Supporting your client’s employee termination process

Feb 10, 2015 By: Alan Gutterman

Business counselor can assist their client through the termination process by providing them with tips and tools on how to handle the “exit interview”.

Practice toolkit for corporate buy-sell agreements

Feb 3, 2015 By: Alan Gutterman

Corporate buy-sell agreements are covered in detail in a chapter that provides an extensive set of practice tools to assist in negotiating and drafting effective agreements

Conducting compliance audits

Jan 27, 2015 By: Alan Gutterman

A variety of techniques can be used to complete the compliance audit process

Definitions and categories of risks for your clients

Jan 20, 2015 By: Alan Gutterman

Risk assessment is an important element of a company’s overall compliance program since an obvious source of potential liability for the company is failure to comply with applicable laws and regulations

Executive summary for clients regarding preparation of business plan

Jan 15, 2015 By: Alan Gutterman

This month we’ve added an Executive Summary for Clients Regarding Preparation of a Business Plan that you can provide to your clients.

Evaluating prospective long-term supply partners

Jan 13, 2015 By: Alan Gutterman

While a company may have a definite idea about the specific benefits that it is looking to achieve in establishing a long-term supply relationship, the ultimate success of the arrangement will depend on the chosen supplier and its performance under the contract

New California Law Increases Potential Legal Risks of Obtaining Temporary Employees from Staffing Agencies

Jan 8, 2015 By: Alan Gutterman

A new California law applicable to most companies in that state with 25 or more employees explicitly makes companies jointly liable with staffing agencies for violations of wage, safety and workers’ compensation laws.

SEC Provides Guidance on Complying with Rule 147 in Crowdfunding Transactions

Jan 6, 2015 By: Alan Gutterman

The SEC has attempted to address how to structure crowdfunding transactions in a single state so as to take advantage of the safe harbor offered by the Rule

A primer on domain name selection and protection

Jan 1, 2015 By: Alan Gutterman

A domain name is an Internet address that can be used to send and receive information in the online environment.