Lawyers seek more tech training, ABA survey finds

Jan 10, 2017 By: Melissa Sachs

Lawyers at firms of all sizes want live training classes on technology, but this kind of instruction is often scarce at smaller

Differentiate yourself in the Rona Mears Student Writing Competition & Scholarship

Dec 20, 2013 By: Jeremy Byellin

Edward Snowden: hero or villain?  Traitor or patriot? Law students have the opportunity to take a stand on the issue and argue

Shifting Dynamics in the Perception of Law School Education

May 20, 2013 By: Patricia Taylor

Many pre-law students who are facing a tough legal job market say they plan on pursuing a law degree, not to practice,

Mobile, Cloud, Online: All Trending in ABA Survey

Dec 9, 2012 By: Karl Florida

Every year the American Bar Association (ABA) publishes its Legal Technology Survey, and I like to compare it year-over-year.  The survey can

Want to Pursue Your Passions? Time-Saving Tips for Work and Home

Oct 11, 2012 By: Lisa Solomon

As a solo or small law firm attorney, do you find yourself spending more time in the office than you had originally planned? Here are three time-saving tips!

Westlaw and WestlawNext Continue to be Most Preferred

Oct 1, 2012 By: Legal Solutions

In a study conducted in May, 2012 by the American Bar Association (ABA), legal professionals were asked “Which fee-based online service do

The Power of You

Sep 13, 2012 By: Kati Katzenmeyer

What part of yourself do you leave at home when you go to work?

Fun Contest: ABA Journal’s 2012 Ross Essay “Haiku Throwdown”

Aug 30, 2012 By: Kati Katzenmeyer

In this year’s Ross Essay Contest, ABA members have 17 syllables to address one of the five designated topics: Innovation, Inspiration, Law

Recognizing the 2012 Legal Rebels

Aug 28, 2012 By: Kati Katzenmeyer

The ABA Journal has just announced the 2012 Legal Rebels.  These reader-nominated lawyers are recognized for changing their profession in new ways. 

Large Law: Solutions for driving greater efficiency

May 24, 2012 By: Cherri Peterson

For the past several years, the legal industry has found itself dealing with a marketplace that is going through dramatic changes, both in how they work with their clients and how they manage the business of their firms.

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