Who Says There’s No Difference in Transcript Formats?

August 16, 2011

We understand that being a lawyer can mean having to manage transcripts. And what’s not to love about a transcript? Transcripts provide a tangible record of the substantive facts that are crucial to case analysis. There’s a need for a transcript that not only is accurate but also can be effortlessly adapted into your workflow. When you’re in the middle of crafting an argument, you want all of your transcripts easily accessible. There isn’t time to reformat them so they will show up in the right spot in your case analysis software.

E-Transcripts are the only format created to work within an attorney’s complete workflow. Many attorneys are hooked on E-Transcripts and cannot imagine viewing a transcript in any other way. What makes E-Transcripts so great, they are:

  • Secure and fully-searchable
  • Accurate reflections of the transcript’s pages and lines
  • Easily viewed by clients, experts and opposing counsel on a free viewer

In today’s world, it seems everything is available in an electronic format. So the next time you request a transcript, demand the format made for you — E-Transcripts.

Lean on us to learn more or find a court reporter that provides E-Transcripts –  email us.

In addition, leverage case analysis software like West LiveNote and West Case Notebook to help efficiently manage E-Transcripts.