Westlaw Small Law: Connecting with our Founding Fathers

July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

In thinking about everyone we can accredit for our country’s growth and maturity, I decided to start at the beginning: our Founding Fathers.

What would a day-in-the-life be like for one of our 55 signers of the Declaration of Independence? After I started my research, I soon discovered some interesting things about our Founding fathers:

  • While historians are characteristically vague about the exact number of attorneys among our 55 signers, I’ll go with roughly 30 out of 55 signatures found on our U.S. founding documents belonged to members who either had studied and or practiced law.
  • The majority of these lawyers worked independently or in small law firms.
  • It was also interesting to learn that for many of these lawyers, law wasn’t their only occupation; some were also musicians and merchants (see our lifestyle page to see similar stories about your peer’s hobbies).

Learning more about the Founding Fathers made me realize how much of a correlation there is between the Founding Fathers from the past with our independent firms today.

Just as the founding fathers were working in the best interest of their soon-to-be-free country, specifically its citizens, you as a solo or small law firm attorney always have the best interest of your client in mind.

Additionally being respected in their communities was just as valuable as it is for solo and small law firms today.

So the next time you interact with a client, remember you are assisting in the growth and maturity of our country just as our Founding Fathers were.

Here are some of the oldest documents found on WestlawNext specifically that contributed to the formation of our nation!

Declaration of Independence, 1776 in ” The Organic Laws of the United States”
Articles of Confederation, 1777 in “The Organic Laws of the United States”
Constitution of the United States, 1787

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