Webcast: How Well Do You Know Cloud Computing?

November 29, 2011

By 2020 most companies will “live mostly in the cloud” – according to a Pew Research Center survey.  This will most likely include your small law firm and your clients.  Are you prepared?

Cloud computing is one of the most important trends in computing.  If you are wondering what cloud computing is, consider it to be like your Gmail or Yahoo email account.  All of your programs and files that you typically access from your computer are available on a web-based platform – or “in the cloud” – accessible from any computer. 

As more and more people and organizations move into the cloud, the legal concerns grow.  Concerns regarding security, regulatory issues, and intellectual property.  West LegalEdcenter has produced a series of webcasts with speakers from DLA Piper to explain some of the issues that moving to cloud-based services bring.

Our series will help you understand the legal framework for cloud computing, plus:

  • Cloud computing basics
  • Technology platforms
  • Goals for companies moving to the cloud
  • Security, intellectual property, and regulatory issues
  • The cloud computing industry and its major companies

This three program series is available at a 30% discount (when purchased together).  Or, readers of this blog can receive 20% off any individual program using promotion code WLcloud (expires 12/31/2011).

The three programs that make up this series include:

What are your thoughts on cloud computing?  Have you started moving your practice into the cloud?  We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

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