WE LISTENED at the NJ State Bar and TX State Bar Annual Meetings!

June 29, 2012

Find out what the attendees shared at the We’re Listening @WestlawSmallLaw booth.icon: We're Listening @WestlawSmallLaw

The We’re Listening program is meant to inspire conversation with our current and future customers.  We offer three channels for conference attendees to tell us about their challenges and provide feedback on our products and services.  Attendees can participate in a live Twitter® discussion, post feedback on our message board and speak with our executives at the We’re Listening booth. 

The Small Law Firm Productivity District Marketing team recently launched the “We’re Listening” Booth at both the New Jersey and Texas State Bar Annual Meetings.  The goal was simple – We know that customers are at the heart of everything we do, so we made an extra effort to hear what you like about our products, what to improve, and also what new products and solutions you would like us to create to help your firm work better and smarter.  We received dozens of written comments, a few tweets and plenty of in person customer feedback!  Now, the feedback will be shared with executives and product teams.  We want to say a big THANK YOU to all those that participated!

The feedback ranged from kudos, to challenges to new product ideas:


  • “WLN much better and easier than Westlaw.com”
  • I have used Westlaw for 15 years!  I love it!”
  • “I love my Westlaw trainer. Very helpful and knowledgeable.”
  • “WestlawNext on iPad…Thank you!!!”
  • “Folders [on Next] for each client!”
  • “Very intuitive searching!”
  • “Love the WestlawNext webinars, short and to the point.”
  • “Thank you for Out of Plan Pass!”
  • “Love the digests.”
  • “Google meets Westlaw…a lawyer’s dream come true!”


  • “Would love for West to provide an all inclusive package for solos that gives us research, website advertising, [and] e-discovery in a simple package, at an introductory rate.”
  • “More solo and small firm tools and products.”
  • “ProDoc- customer service is too slow to respond, needs more plan options.”
  • “Form Builder – no warming screen if going out of plan (out of state forms)”
  • “Not enough International material.”
  • “Form Builder difficult to find the right form, unless you know the exact name.”


  • “Please post link to training on the WLN login screen.”
  • “Be sure products are truly mobile!”
  • “Better incorporation of notes making on documents.”
  • “SOS training”
  • “Love the Product! How about Non-profit pricing for legal aid agencies?”
  • “No int’l labor or trade statutes.”
  • “More I/P specific tools.”
  • “iPad access to ProDoc (2).”

Please leave us a comment below about what we’ve heard or if you would like to add any feedback.  We love to listen to what you have to say!