Upcoming webinar with Estate Planning Thought Leader Ronald Lipman

August 14, 2012

On a recent vacation to Lake Superior’s North Shore, my wife and I began a conversation with a couple who, like us, were parents of small children.  Upon learning that I was an attorney they had questions about their need for wills.

Of course they had a need for wills. 

Not only did they want a say in how their assets were to be distributed but they also wanted to determine who would care for their children in the event of their death while the children were still minors.

Furthermore, additional estate planning documents like livings wills and/or health care proxies to spell out medical care decisions would be necessary.

Regardless of age, there is a need for estate planning, yet many have not taken that step.  According to a 2008 Findlaw.com survey nearly 60% of American adults do not have wills.  Combine this with the beginning stages of retirement for the baby boomer generation and it makes for a very good time to be an Estate Planning Attorney.

Whether you are a seasoned Estate Planner or just considering taking it on, we have an event that you should attend.

It is a FREE webinar with Ronald L. Lipman, a national thought leader in estate planning.  He will review the practice area’s hot topics and offer advice to help break down barriers you may face when working with estate planning clients.

In addition, you’ll get a peek at Westlaw Form Builder Lipman’s Estate Planning.

Choose the time that’s best for you:

8/21/2012 2:00 PM CT
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 8/23/2012 2:00 PM CT
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**Note: Ronald L Lipman is a national thought leader in estate planning. He is a partner at Lipman & Associates, P.C. in Houston Texas. He is also board certified in estate planning and probate law by Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Additionally, Ronald is an author for Westlaw Form Builder Lipman’s Estate Planning and Lipman’s Wills and Trusts (CD-ROM) as well as a writer for the “State Your Case” column in the Houston Chronicle’s business section.