Top 6 Tips for Small Firms to Optimize WestlawNext Mobile and iPad App

April 18, 2012

WestlawNext mobile and iPad imagesCustomers have told me that mobile devices, apps and gadgets have special importance to independent law firms, as clients and cases need instant answers, anytime, anywhere.  WestlawNext subscribers have free access to an award-winning iPad app (now on the iPad 5 OS), and a mobile site compatible with Blackberry, Apple, Android and Windows devices.

This mobile technology gives you access to legal research even offline, and on easily readable screens such as your Kindle.  Here are our Top 6 Tips for the times when you need up-to-the-minute, on-the-go legal info:

  1. Download the WestlawNext iPad App, a must-use for anyone who has an iPad and wants to work outside the office.  From the courthouse to the airport, it’s the best method to access WestlawNext shared research folders, KeyCite, and notes attached to cases.  Research synchronizes across your devices, so you can pick up where you left off as you move between devices.  To get started, take a look Tips of the Week  Introduction to the iPad App and Navigating the iPad App Home Page
  2. Keep KeyCite at your fingertips, even in court or at the negotiation table, so you can provide verification on the spot.  The market-leading KeyCite flags on your cases, statutes and regulations ensure at a glance that you’re current, even as you speak with a judge or other party.  Using KeyCite on your Smartphone neatly accomplishes this without interrupting the flow of the contract talks or litigation.  It also reinforces your reputation as knowledgeable and well-prepared.
  3. Use the iPad App to Maximize Your Productivity Offline.  We all know not to count on wifi access (free or paid) everywhere we go—or even a connection to a 3G (or 4G…) service.  When it’s important to keep working, revisit information, or update your draft, offline access is available through the WestlawNext iPad app.  When a connection is reestablished, your offline work is automatically synchronized with the online application.
  4. Use shared folders to keep your colleagues, clients and co-counsel up to date.  Since the app and mobile site automatically synchronize across all your devices and shared folders, your colleagues are in the loop with your research and notes as soon as you save them to a shared WestlawNext folder.  Tips of the Week Accessing WestlawNext on Your Smartphone and Navigating WestlawNext on Your Smartphone will help you get going.
  5. Don’t stop at legal research.  Forms, sample agreements and even your firm’s own work product are also available on WestlawNext mobile & the iPad app, giving you a viable workspace to begin your work product.  Don’t reinvent the wheel!
    1. West km allows access to your firm’s internal documents
    2. Forms and Sample Agreements help you ensure that clauses are consistent and forms are current
    3. Westlaw Case Notebook integration allows you to send WestlawNext documents directly into your case file, where it joins other facts, exhibits, transcripts, characters and notes to help your team analyze the matter at hand
  6. With a quick sign-up, the WestlawNext Tip of the Week can be delivered to your mobile/office inbox every Monday to help you optimize research.

For more information and training for solo and small law firms, visit the WestlawNext iPad & Mobile page on the new WestlawNext Resource Center.