Three Myths of Law Firm Branding

June 25, 2015

Westlaw InsiderEarlier this year, FindLaw conducted a study which revealed that most law firms are ignoring one of their most powerful assets: their brand. Unfortunately, most attorneys believe three myths.

  • First, they believe that only really large corporations need branding programs. In reality, every law firm can benefit from having a strong brand.
  • Secondly, they view their brand in the narrow confines of their logo or slogan. When done correctly, a branding program actually encompasses everything about how attorneys provide their services to the marketplace.
  • And lastly, most lawyers view their reputation as being more important than their brand. Although your firm’s reputation is indeed very important, it is actually a part of your brand.

In FindLaw’s recent white paper Marginalizing Your Most Valuable Asset: What Attorneys Don’t Understand About Brands, we address each of these myths and explain why every law firm – regardless of the size – should develop a strong brand.

L-394479In this white paper, you will learn:

How having a strong brand entices clients to contact your law firm. Did you know that legal consumers who conduct a branded search are twice as likely to contact your firm?

The five key elements of every strong brand. Your brand is much more than your firm’s slogan or logo.

What to do to develop a strong brand for your law firm. We offer concrete recommendations to create a strong brand that will deliver even stronger results for all of your marketing efforts.

Download your free copy of the white paper today.