Technology Choices Close Small Law Firm Profitability Gaps Now, Offer Stability Later

October 7, 2013

Independent Thinking 2Back-to-school transitions are over, and the holiday frenzy has yet to begin.  I find that now is a great time to plan, make adjustments to my routine, and generally prepare for success in the next year.  When I think of you, our small law firm customers, in that light, one thing comes to mind: 2014 profitability.

How can a small law firm grow profitability? And more importantly, what can you do now to get ahead of the game, setting yourself up for success? In the Independent Thinking article, How Technology Drives Short- and Long-Term Profitability for Small Law Firms, Karl Florida, the leader of our small law firm business, applies smart business acumen to the current small law firm environment. He concludes that a few technology choices now can drive near-term gains—helping you close any gaps this year—and establish long-term growth and stability.

Download the PDF article to read about:

  • Three software options that can help you spend more time on profitable tasks
  • Technology as an alternative to immediate hardware and personnel needs
  • How to translate those gains into long-term profit growth or firm expansion

Thomson Reuters’ small law firm business, led by Florida, offers such legal solutions as WestlawNext, the Firm Central cloud-based practice management platform, and FindLaw’s small law firm marketing solutions.

Download a free copy of How Technology Drives Short- and Long-Term Profitability for Small Law Firms to learn more about smart technology choices that can positively impact your firm’s business.  This article is one of the Independent Thinking series, offering practice management insights for small law firms.