Why Software Integration Is Becoming Essential

September 12, 2014

Global InternetThese days, many attorneys don’t realize the repercussions of sticking to old methods when it comes to managing their business and practicing law. Technology has changed the legal market in the sense that clients now demand more and expect more- all while feeling entitled to low fees. Although straying from tradition can be hard, those in the legal industry should begin to explore new technology options that can help with meeting client demands as well as improve the overall efficiency of the firm.

Integrated technology software is becoming an extremely helpful tool for law firms as it cuts down on time spent on administrative work and allows attorneys to work uninterrupted. Software tools such as document creation and virtual file folders work seamlessly together, so putting together documents and searching for relevant case information no longer disrupts the thought process.

Documents and client information can easily be retrieved and integrated software makes it easy to share relevant documents with colleagues and clients.

Spending less time on administrative work ultimately frees up more time for strategizing and more time to answer to clients. It drastically lowers administrative costs, which leads to happy clients.

This idea is part of a bigger article I just published, titled The Case for Deeper Integration: Why Your Technology Tools Should “Play Well” Together. This article delves into the subject of why having integrated technology is becoming so essential and beneficial to firms. You may not realize that some methods you use to manage your firm are costing you time- as well as money. Adopting new technology for your firm may sound like a burden or overwhelming, but the time you save on administrative work gives you more time for work that is billable. Integrated technology makes administrative work easier for you, therefore allowing you to meet expectations for your clients.