Small Law Lifestyle: Trudy Innes Richardson

December 7, 2011

Small law attorney Trudy Innes Richardson of Tallahassee, Florida competes on horseback in one of the most difficult sports in the world – an equine sport known as eventing.  With competitions lasting anywhere from two to four days, time saving is big on Trudy’s list.

She found that WestlawNext not only cuts her research time in half, but that “WestlawNext and the ability to cross search, and to email, and to save into the Folders, as opposed to saving into my credenza, means that at the end of the day, I work smarter, not harder.  I deliver the same quality services to my clients without overbilling them, and I’m increasing my bottom line.”

Want to learn more about eventing and what else Trudy has to say about WestlawNext?  Watch the video of Trudy at the stables and hear her whole story on the Small Law Lifestyle website.