Small Firms, Big Impact in 2011

January 3, 2012

What an exceptional year in the legal arena! Seldom are so many high-profile court actions packed into twelve months —and with independent law firm attorneys at the helm.

FNMA (“Fannie Mae”) and FHLMC (“Freddie Mac”) were defended this summer by Georgia small firm Shapiro & Swertfeger, LLP. See the trial court Motion to Dismiss on WestlawNext, and follow the case through Appellate court.

In a highly critiqued judicial process, attorneys J. Baez and J. Cheney Mason defended Casey Marie Anthony, in a case so publicized that a temporary Administrative Order (available on WestlawNext, as well as other case documents) was needed to ensure a fair trial with media presence.

Additionally, several small firms represented individuals and organizations in various immigration and same-sex marriage cases throughout the country, raising questions about the legal boundaries in many states.

Congratulations to independent attorneys who had a big impact in 2011, with effects that extend beyond their immediate jurisdictions.