Practice Management: Social Media Marketing for law firms

August 30, 2012

Client Development

One of our goals here at the Westlaw Insider is to provide you with insights and resources that can help you grow your legal practice. We want you, and your firm, to succeed.

Client development has always been an important part of the business of law, but today attorneys are using new tools to connect with potential clients and demonstrate their expertise. Social Media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all provide avenues for firms to engage with clients in the spaces where they are already active.

Social Media Marketing

We’ve published a number of blog posts providing practical advice for lawyers who would like to use Social Media. Here are some of those posts all collected in one place for you.

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How to write effective blog posts for lawyers (part 2)

Of course, we will continue to provide information and resources that we believe will help your law firm succeed.  If there is a specific topic you would like to learn more about, please let us know!