Miller’s Standard Insurance Policies Annotated 101

September 23, 2011

I recently interviewed Susan Miller, the author of Miller’s Standard Insurance Policies Annotated. Check out how she got the product idea, and why the product is so great.


Back in the 1980’s, Susan Miller had been working long enough in the property/casualty area of a large insurance company to realize that insurance defense counsel, as well as personal injury attorneys, needed a faster, more efficient way to find cases interpreting common coverage provisions.  Underwriters would ask her questions such as, “Can we use this exclusionary endorsement in the state of New York?”  She would then go to the Digest and look for anything offering clues to whether or not the proposed endorsement would be acceptable.  As she put it, “That would take a very long time.”  For example, if the topic was “notice to the insurer”,there would be several thousand headnotes that could not be easily narrowed by subtopic or coverage context.

To alleviate this time consuming process, Susan developed Miller’s Standard Insurance Policies Annotated – an annotated collection of the most commonly sold property/casualty insurance policies in the United States today. Miller’s takes a different approach to organizing insurance law – the actual policies and endorsements created by the insurance market – that is familiar to attorneys who negotiate and litigate coverage issues every day.  Using that structure, Miller’s links annotated case law to actual policy provisions, making it easier for legal professionals, whether representing insurers or insureds, to answer their coverage questions.


Miller’s is the only collection of annotated property/casualty insurance policies on the market today.  It includes more than 93 policies and 800 endorsements, prepared by ISO as well as by private insurers and government agencies.  Miller’s policies and endorsements also include many topics you won’t find mentioned in the policies, such as “bad faith” and the insurer’s duty to offer uninsured motorists coverage.  Miller’s 150,000 annotations, prepared from state and federal reported cases dating back to 1978, are easily sorted by jurisdiction, differences in drafting language, and prevailing party.  That’s over 30 years of case annotations to the most commonly sold and litigated policies in the United States, each annotation with a succinct Comment explaining how that coverage provision was applied by the court, and which party’s interpretation prevailed – the insured’s or the insurer’s.

Miller’s is undoubtedly the quickest, most direct route to the authoritative insurance coverage case law you need, saving you valuable time.  You no longer need to look through treatises, encyclopedias or citations provided by a word search.  With Miller’s, just go directly to the actual policy provision at issue to find the best available precedent.

It’s so intuitive to use.  Once the related coverage provision is identified, just select the annotations – by jurisdiction, date, and prevailing party.  It’s that simple.  If you are unfamiliar with the policies at issue, Miller’s Index contains an extensive list of topics, words, and phrases which appear throughout the policies to help identify both the policy and provision.  You needn’t be familiar with insurance policies to use and rely on Miller’s.

Get started today with the only set of fully annotated insurance policies on the market. Available exclusively from Westlaw since June 2010. 

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