Millennials/Gen Z Rising in Small Law: Does Your Firm Need a Project Manager?

September 18, 2015

one of a kind dec 2012 blogEditor’s Note: It’s time to take a look at a new trend that has emerged in small law: project management. Long known to large firms and corporations, project management is a working approach to handling the demands of multiple cases. In this installment, a law firm streamlines the tasks that are common across multiple cases, as if those tasks are “projects”—with timelines, assigned responsibilities, tracked costs/budget, and steps taken in as defined an order as possible.

When the law firm Brownson & Linnihan, PLLP, a commercial and insurance litigation firm, offered me a position of Project Assistant, I merely thought of the appointment as secretarial work; however the skills and abilities I have gained have enticed my interest in law while helping me to excel as a Millennial, also known as Generation Z. Project management fits the Millennial generation young in the workforce like a glove.

L-392414_240x400The next generation of individuals to enter the work force, known as Millennials or Generation Z, are typically characterized as technology-based learners who support face-to-face contact and have a team-persuaded attitude. Able to manage difficult tasks in a timely manner, many Millennials are eager to enter the workforce as early as possible to gain professional and networking experience within their field of choice.

Personally as a Millennial, I am a motivated learner with similar attributes to the definition described above. Interested in law from the age of five, I had to enter the field the first chance I had, and fortunately I had the opportunity to do so.

At Brownson & Linnihan, Project Assistants like me are hired to manage projects introduced by partner and associate attorneys, along with paralegals.  These projects include:

I particularly manage Brownson & Linnihan’s quest to go green, which includes scanning, indexing and loading numerous asbestos research materials and case files to be referenced in the future.

Brownson & Linnihan considers itself a pioneer in the development of Millennials within the legal field, providing college students and transitioning students the opportunity to develop basic project management skills which cannot be learned in the classroom, along with integrating communication and one-on-one instruction from professionals in their field of interest. Millennials crave difficult, worthwhile tasks that expand past making the coffee. In this light, project management at once fosters the skills of the incoming workforce and invests in the future of a firm.