Leading the Small Law Firm – The Critical First 90 Days

April 27, 2016

Attorney communicationLeading the small law firm, as the managing partner or head of a key practice group, is a challenging task.  While lawyers generally see themselves as specialized professionals, a law practice is like any other business and requires leadership and management skills typically not learned in law school or in the first years of practice.  For example, a new law firm leader will need to develop skills in several foundational areas, in much the same way as a CEO of any other business needs to do.  These areas include management, leadership, organizational design, strategic Gutterman WLEC bannerplanning, marketing, finance, human resources, organizational culture and technology.  At a more specific level, new leaders of law firms need to move quickly to grapple with issues surrounding firm structure and organization, practice management, operations and management processes, recruitment and employee morale, accounting, facilities assessment, professional development and training, developing and maintaining client relationships, risk management and insurance and office systems and procedures.

The Business Counselor Institute will be presenting a live program on “Leading the Small Law Firm—The Critical First 90 Days” on West Legal Ed Center on Thursday, April 28, 2016 at 11:00 AM Central Time. The program will provide an overview of the key issues in small law firm management and provide attendees with a framework for assuming firm leadership roles.  Topics to be covered in the program include leadership and management skills, planning, client relations, technology, training and recruitment and retention of attorneys and non-legal staff members.  Materials will be based on the Hildebrandt Handbook of Law Firm Management, which is maintained and updated by the Business Counselor Institute.  To learn more, and register for the program, click here: https://westlegaledcenter.com/program_guide/course_detail.jsf?videoCourseId=100110987

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