Independent Thinking: Why Small Law Firms Get Ahead in the Cloud

July 17, 2013

Independent Thinking 2Why are small law firms adopting hosted software (a.k.a. SaaS or cloud computing) as a key legal practice management solution? A free practice management article has released:  Getting Ahead in the Cloud:  Why Small Law Firms Find Their Niche in Hosted Cloud Software.

With legal expertise in house and a unique national view of the small law firm market, the small law business within Thomson Reuters examines the attributes and benefits of private hosted cloud technology, and matches them against the unique needs of small law firms.

Whether you want to know the basics (what is “the cloud?”) or the advanced details like security protocols,  this article connects key needs of the solo and small environment, with benefits of SaaS products:

  • A flexible, mobile lifestyle with the ability to work from any locale
    solved by the inherent mobility of an online tool, accessed from anywhere an Internet connection is available
  • Little distinction between ‘working hours’ and ‘off-hours’
    solved by a tool that lets you work from home, a ballgame, a mid-day luncheon or a midnight brainstorm
  • ‘Big data’ that is increasingly voluminous and critical to manage and interpret
    solved by litigation-specific tools
  • Rapidly shifting local and federal statutes, regulations and agency guidelines
    solved by exceptionally high security standards, described in detail in the article

The quick summary article is available in the Independent Thinking thought leadership series for small law firms.

Download it free:

This is the first in a series of practice management, thought leadership articles that explain trends and recommend solutions for small law firms at a very high level.  Rarely will Independent Thinking articles offer a specific product as the right tool for you.  Rather, look for candid advice, technical explanations, and observations of the legal market today, from the unique perspective of a company with a rich heritage and dedication to the profession.