Independent Thinking: Unifying Your Brand to Increase Client Referrals

December 31, 2012

Unifying Your Brand To Increase Client Acquisition

Small firm and solo attorneys, like other business owners, have a myriad of things to worry about: obtaining clients, managing staff, scheduling, providing effective representation, payroll, customer care, invoicing, etc.  The last thing busy attorneys have time for is a comprehensive review to make sure that the firm is delivering a consistent image and message-the main marketing components behind distinguishing the firm from its competitors, attracting clients, and driving referrals.

But by performing the simple brand audit and applying the “quick fixes” below you can quickly improve the consistency of your brand.

Simple Brand Consistency Audit

Take about 10 minutes and perform a quick visual inspection of your key customer touch points including any primary signage, business cards, website homepage, stationary, sales collateral, presentation decks, invoices, and the homepages of any social media sites that you use as customer-contact venues (such as twitter, etc.).

You’re looking to make sure that all of the touch points:

  • contain a similar logo and related trade or service marks
  • have a consistent tagline
  • that any secondary messages reinforce the tagline
  • utilize a common color scheme
  • incorporate a consistent font

The key to this inspection is to perform it quickly – a glance at all the materials in succession or side-by-side should be enough to determine if you’re telling a consistent story.  If you spend time studying the material to find commonality or find yourself trying to justify why a piece is different, you are likely lacking brand consistency.

Even if you serve a wide variety of or unrelated practice areas, your materials should all relate to one another.

Quick Fixes:

Take one or all of these steps to reestablish your brand’s consistency:

Don’t worry if you have preprinted stock or supplies, update electronic materials immediately and update preprinted materials as you resupply and update legacy marketing items (banners, etc.) as budget allows.

  1. standardize fonts/font scheme across materials
  2. pick a color scheme and stick to it (akeep the scheme simple, at most three base colors and one accent color
  3. standardize your logo across materials
  4. select and stick to a single “tagline” that is consistent across platforms
    — place the tagline in each employee’s automated electronic signature
    incorporate supporting messages into individual materials that are focused to that item’s purpose, but remain consistent in how you present your tagline
  5. create a standardize presentation template and make sure that everyone on your staff has access to and uses it
  6. retrain your staff on the importance of a consistent message
  7. customize your social media sites wherever you can (change your background on Twitter, add your tagline to your business’s Facebook page, etc.)

Taking simple steps will improve the consistency and, by extension, the stickiness of your branding efforts.  The more consistent your branding is, the higher the probability that a prospect or referral sources will recall your brand when the need for your services arises.

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