Independent Thinking: Leverage a Sales Conversation to Make your Firm More Competitive

April 24, 2013

Small Law Independent ThinkingI’m hesitant to use terms like “small” or “boutique” to describe my law firms’ practice.  At ten attorneys, our firm is “small-ish” and “boutique-ish,” but when it comes to the quality of the legal advice we give,  our background knowledge, and the expectations we place on ourselves and that our clients have for us, we don’t feel small and don’t feel like what the French word “boutique” implies fits our practice.

Yet, when it comes to resources, we can be challenged when we are  aligned against an entire practice group of lawyers with a national range of experience.

So, how does a firm with ten attorneys and local practices compete against a law firm that may have more attorneys, paralegals and staff on its team?  One way is to use our Westlaw sales representative as a resource.

  • We rely on our sales consultant to give us no-nonsense advice on what libraries we need to be sure that we have the same legal research reach as any law firm we’re facing.   For example, when our practice began to incorporate more real estate title work, our representative directed us to the libraries that had treatises on title and insurance issues.   It was no more a “sales call” than it would have been if the representative had been our law firm librarian explaining  to the management committee why we need to expand our library.
  • At another “sales call,” our representative walked us through the new features of WestlawNext, saying we’d never go back to the old Boolean search process.  He was right.

What we get from our relationship with our representative is not just a race to the lowest cost research, but instead is independent assessment to allow us to be more efficient and profitable in delivering excellent representation to our clients.

Try it Now

To find a better way to compete using legal research from Thomson Reuters, try WestlawNext free for two weeks.  Try content normally outside your plan, and experience the advantages of the WestSearch award-winning legal search engine.

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